The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi

2015 Jun


Benedikt Groß & moovel lab


David Leonard

Art Director

Benedikt Groß

Production Coordinator

Tilman Haeuser

Logistics/Prop Master

Raphael Reimann

Production Designer

Marco Berends

Gaffer/Assistant Camera

Thomas Thöne

Sound Engineer

Charles Dayton

Visual Effects

Francois Malary


David Leonard - Correspondent, Robert Heinrich - CEO, Helmuth Ritzer - CTO, Rodrigo Garcia - Amature Photographer, Nihat Kücük - Navigation Lab, Dr. Eileen Mandir - User Experience Lab, Joseph Kopser - Aviation Expert, Paul DeLong - Person on-street #1, Erica Brennes - Person on-street #2, Piper Kopser - Person on-street #3, Marco Berends - Augmented Reality Driver, moovel personnel - Team Members/Extras

Will individual mobility conquer the sky? Could flying cars finally be here? This speculative documentary, made in collaboration with David Leonard, explores the future of mobility. It features a human drone taxi program that could soon launch in Los Angeles.