Benedikt Groß is an antidisciplinary designer. Working at the intersection of people, technology and futures somewhere within the Bermuda of Design Futuring, Generative Design and Data. He is Professor of Interaction & Strategic Design at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd and is co-directing there the chapter of KITeGG /, a research project funded by the BMBF that focuses on AI in design education.


The BG Bermuda Triangle

Generative Gestaltung – the book
Metrography – London Tube Map to large scale collective mental map
Syn Bio Ads
Speculative Sea Level Explorer
Avena+ Test Bed: Agricultural Printing and Altered Landscapes
The Big Atlas of LA Pools
The Big Atlas of LA Pools – Posters
The LA Swimmer – 43123 Pools I Have Not Visited and Never Will
HubCab – Exploring New York City Taxi Trails (MIT Senseable City Lab) – The World Population Project
The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi
Roads to Rome
The Aerial Bold Project
TRAJECTORIES – Printing the mobility landscapes of your city in wax
#teamchatviz – Slack Stats Visualised
moovel in a Box
ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky
What the Street!? The Mobility Space Report
Who Wants to Be a Self-Driving Car?
Generative Design – Visualize, Program, & Create with JavaScript in p5.js (book)
Beat the Traffic X
Flights to Rome
OpenDataCam 2.0 – An open source tool to quantify the world
Zukünfte gestalten: Spekulation. Kritik. Innovation.
NUCA Camera – AI Powered “Natural Nudity”