TRAJECTORIES – Printing the mobility landscapes of your city in wax

2016 Jun

Idea & Direction

Benedikt Groß


Benedikt Groß, Marco Berends, Bjørn Karmann, Raphael Reimann

Product Design, Engineering, & Prototyping

nui lab, Bjørn Karmann


Raphael Reimann, Bjørn Karmann, Benedikt Groß, Christoph Hermle

Video Animations

Christoph Hermle

Every day millions of people write spatial stories. Stories that only very few will ever be able to read. TRAJECTORIES is a media installation that can reveal these spatial stories, written by millions of city-dwellers wandering about their daily lives.

Taking the words of the cultural philosopher Michel de Certeau:“The networks of these moving intersecting writings compose a manifold story that has neither author nor spectator, shaped out of fragments of trajectories and alterations of spaces: in relation to representation, it remains daily and indefinitely other.”

TRAJECTORIES reveals the invisible traces of our everyday mobility. Real mobility data provided by our mobility app ‘moovel’ is automatically dripped on to an illuminated paper canvas. Printing the intersecting movements with melted wax creates a mobility narrative mapping these spatial stories over time.

The wax picture that is generated on canvas accumulates more and more lines and slowly unveils a panoptic view of the city. TRAJECTORIES uses a unique vantage point by pulling together the “arts of doing” of a mass of people searching for trips by using the moovel app.
TRAJECTORIES robotic wax printer, 2 × 2 meters

TRAJECTORIES robotic wax printer, 2 × 2 meters


Cover image for TRAJECTORIES @ Daimler AG Hauptversammlung 2016

TRAJECTORIES @ Daimler AG Hauptversammlung 2016


Trade show, "TRAJECTORIES", Daimler AG Hauptversammlung 2016, Berlin, DE