Syn Bio Ads

2012 Apr

Concept + Idea

Benedikt Groß


Noam Toran

Developed with

VVVV, Voodoo Camera Tracker

Special Thanks

Matrix debugging by Joreg

“Syn Bio Ads – The future of advertising” (in London 2048) is a speculative project around unsolved questions of Synthetic Biology like: Who owns Nature? Who has the right to alter life? How much is nature worth? What happens if we treat DNA like pixels, and a swarm of birds becomes suddenly just an efficient display for advertising? The project aims to show the implications of these very much high-level questions to a down to everyday life feeling.

The project is revisit of the my DNA Control Agency project, please read the full context there.

For the technology behind the video there is a separate documentation on GitHub with source code.


Syn Bio Ads @ BIO-FICTON International Synthetic Biology Festival, Vienna


Exhibition, “Syn Bio Ads”, BIO-FICTON International Synthetic Biology Festival, Vienna, AT