2006 Apr

MESO and Claudius Lazzeroni asked me in February 2006, whether I would be interested in contributing to the Raumstaben project with a short workshop for the Typo Conference in Berlin 2006. Below you can see some of my results as well as the assignments (research questions) I developed during the workout process. These quick assignments guided me in the process towards the final outcomes.

Which forms “in between” are possible during transformation from letter to letter?

At what “point” is it possible to interpret a letter?

Is it possible to read a whole word or letter as 3d shape?

Can you read “along” the z-axis?


Raumstaben @ Page Magazine


Feature, “Raumstaben”, Page Magazine, January Issue


Raumstaben @ Typo 2006 Berlin


Speaker, “Raumstaben”, Typo Berlin, Berlin, DE