LED Music Visualisations

2008 Jul

The Entwerfen I course (IG2, w/ Prof. Michael Götte) is part of the foundation courses in curriculum of the “Interaktionsgestalter” program. The course tries to teach the students in a very general way methods of spatial organisation of elements and layout, independent of dimension and media. So it was very obvious to extend in this time the communication media from a normal screen to other media like light and LEDs.

Students are asked to visualize a 20 – 30s long track of instrumental music. The Visualisation has to be based on a parameter system to meet objective and subjective criteria, aiming to translate the syntax of the music into a readable visual equivalent.

Julian Köhn + David Leßmann. Music: Introduction Et Rondo Capriccioso – Saint Saëns

Lena Irschl + Barbara Saga. Music: Autumn Leaves – Dirk Reichart

2 × 7 LED panels, each with resolution of 72 pixels and 1 meter length by Richter lighting technologies.