Interface-Baukasten Demos

2008 Feb

The first four demos of the “Interface-Baukasten” (Interface Kit) of the “HfG Medienlabor”, the kit is going to be updated every semester with new ongoing technologies. The kit can be used either to show students in class what kind of technologies exist and showcase what can be done with it. In addition students can use the demos as starting point for their own experiments and projects.

3d navigation with face detection

Inspired by Johnny Chung Lee’s wii-head tracking experiments we decided to do everything a little bit more “elegant”. In our setup the user doesn’t have to wear IR-leds to be detected. Technically the installation has a built in face detection, so it’s possible to track in realtime all users in front of the setup quite accurate. According to distance and positions the virtual 3d space is adjusted. Always the closest user “wins” the focus.

If you like this kind of navigation it’s worth to checkout “Buddha in a Box” by Finn Rudolph which is based on a similar approach.

(↑ see video at the beginning of this page)

3d model interaction with marker tracking

A simple example for a 3d markertracking done with ARtoolkit. User can interact with three different markers: one represents the node structure, the other two enable the user to manipulate (attract and distract) the node structure.

3d navigation with potentiometer + distance sensor

User can navigate a simple 3d structure with a potentiometer and IR-distance sensor. Potentiometer is a from the shelf Powermate, IR-distance sensor is controlled by an Arduino board.

3d navigation with wii controller

User can rotate and zoom the same 3d structure like above. The two IR-leds acting as pointing device, the position of the two pointers is detected with by a standard wii-controller.