100 Jahre HfG – The 3d Architectural Mapping VVVV Workshop

2008 Nov

Workshop Hosts

Benedikt Groß + Joreg


Patricia Dobrindt, Miguel Nobrega, Martin Glueckler, Leandro Neves, Karl Meyer, Jonas Heuer, Eduard Warkentin, Dominic Specht, Christian van Elten, Asaad El Salawi, Ulrich Lang, Thomas Techert, Kirstin Walker, Barbara Saga, Andreas Brendle, Sandra Kuehefuss, Julian Koehn, Kathrin Guther, Johanna Stuke.

We developed extensive architectural projections for the 100th anniversary of the main building of the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. At the same time we got to know the visual programming language VVVV. The workshop aimed at having several possible scenarios which refer all to the architectural context of the building. A model of the building – in a scale of 1:50 – as well as all relevant parts of the building in a digital version were placed at our disposal. Therefore, we could completely focus on learning VVVV and the projections.

Setup with model, viewer and 2x projectors
Setup with model, viewer and 2x projectors
Model scaled 1:50
Model scaled 1:50

3d Matching

The key technology for the simulation of the projections on a real model is a so-called 3d matching. Basically, 3d matching means solving the question “how is it possible to bring a virtual 3d model in agreement with real geometry?“ Because of the matching of reality and virtuality, several completely new opportunities are provided e.g.:

  • you can illuminate a building in a way it would never be possible in reality
  • the building exterior becomes a perspectively correct display
  • the building or the parts of the building exterior can be extended without having to execute real changes
  • the building or buildings' exterior can be moved (compare also to kinetic building exterior)
  • by a specific projection a certain kind of x-ray effect can be reached which gives the viewer the feeling of looking into the building
  • the volume of the building can be moved and documented
3d matching, real vs. virtual
3d matching, real vs. virtual
#vvvv projected onto a plain cube
#vvvv projected onto a plain cube

Workshop Results


The workshop methods, technologies and VVVV patches have been digested into a quite popular VVVV tutorial.

How To Project On 3D Geometry