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Works antidisciplinarily, is a speculative and a computational designer.
He currently lives in Ravensburg / Stuttgart.

alternative visualisations of hierarchical data in 3d

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Course: 3-dimensionale Grundlagen im medialem Raum
Interaktionsgestaltung 2, HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Cooperation between Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernandez-Castro and Benedikt Groß

This course aims at imparting knowledge concerning the basic principles of the three dimensional space as well as fundamental visualisation techniques to the students. The course is divided in a lecture with practical parts.

Key aspects

  • conceptional development of visualisation models which are suited as demonstration of big and complex datasets
  • enlargen the set of information to three or more dimensions (traditional visualisation techniques examine most of the times only the possibilites of the two-dimensional space)
  • impart knowledge of analytical and methodical skills in three-dimensional thinking and visualisation

Subject of the project

Development of alternative visualisations of hierarchical data in the three-dimensional space

Currently all operating systems use as the only way to display data and folder structures lists and charts. The students develop new and  unconventional approaches to display these data structures far away from lists and charts.

Demo videos

Fabian Kreuzer + Tobias Precht

Mesut Kaya, David Ikuye + Frank Schaeffer

Anja Rapp + Benedikt Burgmaier

Daniel Höll + Philipp Seyschab

Olga Grischtschenko, Jonas Kimmelmann + Julia Staebler

Gero Nicklas, Ralf Retzler + Jan Schlegel

Alexander Wilhelm + Tobias Brossig

Christian Schaaf, Markus Schilling + Carsten Henschel

Jan Barth, Dominik Huber + Roman Grasy


Mesut Kaya, David Ikuye + Frank Schaeffer

Anja Rapp + Benedikt Burgmaier