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Works antidisciplinarily, is a speculative and a computational designer.
He currently lives in Ravensburg / Stuttgart.

Diploma – Posters and Indesign Scripting

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Cooperation between Julia Laub and Benedikt Groß.

During the workout process of our diploma book, we did quite a lot of experiments with generative elements. Because at the end we just could use a limited number of these elements, we decided to design some posters to document these “effects”.

(90,5cm x 128,0cm). Script effect overview poster

All posters are technically done with the Indesign Scripting Interface and a with little help of Processing (recursive area tiling, see end of post). For each “effect” like for instance “connecting all words in one line with all words from the next line”, we programmed always a single script. After we did the book we realised that we got a nice collection of scripts, where you can easily see the spectrum of our experiments. During the diploma-exhibition at the HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd quite a lot of people asked us about these scripts. So we decided to tide up everything and to release this collection in public. Feel free to use and modify these scripts however you wish. Any feedback about modified scripts or projects is very welcome!

Voilá, here it is:

Mini demo video

Install notes

  • Download and unzip
  • Copy the “MrGenerativeSystemeScriptPack_1.0″ folder to:
    CS3 -> \Adobe InDesign CS3\Scripts\Scripts Panel
    CS2 -> \Adobe InDesign CS2\Presets\Scripts
  • Done. Probably the scripts will work only in CS2/CS3.

How to use it

  • Open the “Scripts” Window in Indesign (View -> Automation -> Scripts, or press Alt+Ctrl+F11 this hotkey works only in CS3)
  • Select one or multiple textframes
  • Run a script by double clicking eg. “MrConnectWord.jsx”
  • Some scripts like “MrTweenCharacterPointsize.jsx” accept also selected text

For more informations on Indesign Scripting check, adobe forums or the official adobe scripting page. Last but not least, a special “merci” to the forum, for answering all our questions so nice!

(90,5cm x 128,0cm). Recursive area tiling algorithmen, various scripts applied on ~300 tiles

(90,5cm x 128,0cm). “MrTweenCharacterPointsize.jsx” and “MrTextlineRest.jsx” in action

(90,5cm x 128,0cm). Recursive area tiling algorithmen, various scripts applied on ~300 tiles

Because Indesign Scripting is sometimes super slow (especially if you try to create a lot of new elements), we decided to use instead Processing for our algorithmen. In Processing everything was way faster, after creating the “tiles” there, we imported it via pdf to Indesign. An online applet of our “recursion tiling algorithmen” can be found here.

Recursive area tiling algorithmen in Processing