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Works antidisciplinarily, is a speculative and a computational designer.
He currently lives in Ravensburg / Stuttgart.

Generative Systems

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The project was realised during my 7th semester at the HFG Schwäbisch Gmünd. The main focus was to explore the visual possibilities of generative systems. My definition of generative systems at that time was very simple: generative systems are systems, letting you create complex visualizations which aren’t possible to create by the normal approach (edit objects manually).

After doing quite a lot of experiments, I decided to do a small exemplary installation to show others the rich possibilities of this topic. The installation was based of three different kinds of examples:

  • Lindenmayer-system
    Originally a model for the growth processes of plant development but modified for more interesting results
  • particles
    An idealised simulation of 150 particles interfering together in space
  • 3d mesh generator
    Two modified mathematical models by Paul Bourke (astro-math-guru)

Diagram (context generative systems)

One of the templates for the control panel. A rfid tag is attached to the backside to differ the three examples automatically with the computer

Control panel: usb arduino microcontroller, 5x poti, 10x buttons (and a distance sensor, not used here)

consulting: Prof. Hans Krämer and Tanja Huber
special thanks: Tebjan