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Works antidisciplinarily, is a speculative and a computational designer.
He currently lives in Ravensburg / Stuttgart.

Football Globe Germany

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During my internship at meso I had the opportunity to do (together with Sven Bauer) a rather big interactive installation for recording “corner flag dances” in front of the football globe germany, on its worldwide tour (Tokyo, Paris, Milan, Zürich).

To quote the meso documentation:
“Football Globe Germany is an object that is more than just a striking symbol – it is likewise an interactive source of information that also delivers fun and games, a hands-on experience that gives firm shape to the joy of looking forward to the World Cup. People interacting with it become part of a global community that expresses its enthusiasm for football – in keeping with the World Cup slogan A Time to Make Friends™. The 9m high media sculpture is a living meeting point for the local population and visitors to the international host cities, enhancing the night-time feel of the city with a wealth of fascinating lighting effects.

The digital centerpiece – next to two info-browser stations – is a corner flag dance game. Show off your love for football by celebrating a goal like the pros – with a little dance interlude on the corner flag. Your performance will be recorded and broadcast via Needless to say, in karaoke-happy Japan we’ve seen quite a few spectacular appearances already.”

During the visit of the Football Globe in Zürich, I shot this short documentation of the final result



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